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Three Ways in Which Covid-19 Has Hit Handymen

How handyman insurance can solve the problems they face

Coronavirus is an unexpected guest that has turned the world upside down. The fast-moving world is now stuck in homes and maintaining social distance while going out. The situation has impacted different industries in varied ways. Industries like pharmaceuticals and ed-tech have boomed during this period. However, people in industries like gyms and performing arts have become jobless.

How has the coronavirus impacted handymen?

  1. Coronavirus has made many people lose their jobs. Many others face a decrease in income. People are trying to save money in all day to day activities. This means people are trying their hands at doing odd jobs in their experiences. This evident from a large number of views for DIY videos on YouTube. This has resulted in a decrease in job opportunities for handymen.
  2. Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease. People are advised to maintain social distance and not go out or interact with people unnecessarily. Many people are hesitant to employ handymen for fear of contracting the disease.
  3. The services offered by handymen are essential for the smooth running and hence they cannot be completely avoided. They can work in the household provided they maintain social distancing and wear masks and use sanitizers. A problem that they face in completing the job is the mode of payment. They are usually paid in cash. They no longer can receive the payment in cash. It is impractical to pay a handyman in cheques. Most handymen are unwilling to invest in a card payment machine.

The number of affected people and the deaths reported is increasing daily. This results in people being apprehensive of taking help from others. We cannot neglect the fact that job opportunities of handymen have become very limited in times of Coronavirus. People ask for their services only if it’s necessary. People try to do all the odd jobs at their house on their own. Handymen are called if they are unable to do the work. Most handymen depend on the income from this job for a living. Many handymen are struggling to earn enough money to sustain their families.

Handyman insurance Policies that can help handymen

The insurance is a combination of different policies that can help handymen. The problem that handymen face today is a lack or decrease in job opportunities resulting in loss of income. There are policies under the insurance that can help handymen in this crisis. Business owner policy can help handymen who run businesses with less than 100 employees and yearly revenue less than 5 million. This is a general policy that insures them against loss of income. It also covers other difficulties that a handyman faces like an injury and a lawsuit. A policy like this provides all-rounded support to handymen and solves many of the problems they face now.


Handymen face a loss of job opportunities and a decrease in income during the COVID-19 crisis. This affects their families very badly. Taking a general business owner policy can replace a significant proportion of their lost income if not completely.